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What type of accounting do I get?

Each client receives a monthly financial statement for their portfolio and a financial tax packet at year-end.   Our owner portal allows you instant access to all  financial statements and stores your documents infinitely.  

How do you screen/decide on tenants?

Every adult prospective tenant endures an extensive, nationwide background check processed by a third party which includes criminal history, eviction history, employment history and credit scores. If the prospect passes this internal screening, a Bachand Group leasing agent will share their reports with you.   You as the owner will then make the final decision as to who will occupy your rental. 

How are payments handled?

Bachand Group collects all payments and immediately deposits them into our audited Trust Account.  We then transfer the owner disbursements on the 8th, 15th and the 22nd of each month.   We believe that it is critically important to get our owners payed as quick as possible which is why we have multiple payment cycles per month. 

Do I have to do my own maintenance?

Bachand Group has over 30 in-house maintenance technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We have built a team of maintenance professionals that can perform any and all tasks needed to protect your investment.   We perform approved daily work orders as well as, larger projects such as siding, window replacement, custom cabinetry and roofing. 

How long do Management Agreements last?

All Management Agreements are for a term of one year. With that being said, there is a thirty day opt-out provision if you ever have a need to cancel your contract.   It is our position that once you discover are ability to service your property you will have no reason to cancel until you are ready to leave the business.  

How are late fees handled?

Unlike others in our business, we ensure that all late fees collected are transferred to the owner with no fee attached.  It is our stance that one of our most critical services is to receive your rent in a timely manner.   For this reason we do not take any fee from late fees. 
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