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How we Differ From our Competition

Our core management has been successful in the Property Management business for over 20 years.

We are financially sound and manage over $75 million in property assets.

Our well trained and knowledgeable staff excel at the day-to-day challenges that can come with property management.

quality tenants

Quality Tenants

All tenants must complete and pass our comprehensive screening process including:

  1. Financial Credit Check
  2. Employment Verification
  3. Criminal Background Check
  4. Rental History Check

Your Investment

We understand that your investment, big or small, is very important. We have the experience and staff to keep your investment profitable. Our staff focuses on five main areas of property management:

  1. Providing and retaining quality tenants.
  2. Open communication with clients.
  3. In house property maintenance.
  4. High quality financial reporting.
  5. Increasing profitability and maintaining value.

quality tenants

Property Maintenance

We believe that quality property maintenance is one of the most important aspects of building ownership. Properties that are maintained well are always the first to rent and have the highest percentage of tenant retention. We have licensed, insured and bonded contractors on staff to ensure that maintenance issues are taken care of efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Bachand Group also is on preferred lists with many local professional contractors who can provide bids for larger projects at your convenience. Rest assured that through regular property maintenance your investment will be protected.


Bachand Group is first and foremost accountable to our clients and their investments. Our staff will provide each client with timely financial services including:

  • Monthly income statements
  • Rent collections
  • Two Monthly Pay Cycles
  • Year-end financial statements
  • Eviction Processing

quality tenants

Tenant Acquisition

Tenants are the income generators of any rental property. Bachand Group acquires tenants from many different sources:


    Our Website has become our largest source of finding quality tenants. We receive over 5,000 visitors every month.

  2. Yard Signs

    We will place a professional yard sign on your property.

  3. Internet

    We use outside web based services to advertise your property when needed.